Support by praying for those in prison, donating or getting involved in our fundraising initiative

Sign Up To A Monthly Or Annual Pledge: ‘I Am My Brother’s Keeper’ 

Our ministry is based upon the teachings of Jesus Christ who mandates us in Matthew 25:36 “I was in prison, you came to visit Me.’ and to remember those in prison and those who are mistreated (cf. Heb 13:3). We would be failing in our Christian charity if we ignore this mandate. As an organization we rely heavily on our volunteers as we only have 2 staff members. We realize that for many Christians, due to their work commitments, it may be impossible to visit those in prison. 

This is an invitation to all to get involved in the ministry in a tangible way. Kindly pledge from as little as R50 or R100 per month. Every donation counts. Your donation will bring hope and restoration to a prisoner and sustain this important ministry which is going through a difficult financial period.

Please consider extending your support by pledging your monthly contribution via stop order, EFT or cash handover. Kindly contact us and we will send you an application form. 


We are always in need for financial or material support. If you have any spare shoes, clothes, blankets or similar, please contact us to find out how you can donate.


We are always looking for volunteers to get involved in Prison Care Support Network. Kindly reach out to us to find out more.

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We appreciate both your professional skills as well as sharing our missing with your friends, family and colleagues.