‘The team helped me to understand the wrongs of my deeds to myself, society and my family as well as others that were affected by my crime.  As I attended the Restorative Justice programme and experienced all the genuine care and support the team gave me, I was filled with gratitude and amazement at this group of spiritual workers, who showed so much love, without judgment.’

‘I have learnt that I can be forgiven and also I have learnt about the pain and suffering that I have caused, not only to my family but also the victim.’

‘I have learned to take responsibility for my actions.  To honour my commitments, keep promises to myself, family, friends and others and to take ownership of my decisions and actions in a responsible manner.’

‘The Restorative Justice programme helped me so much.  Before it was usually stress and aggression.  Now I know I can control myself.  My self-esteem has been restored.’

‘The programme was so powerful and enriching for me.  I feel much confidence to face the world.  It is up to the community and my victims to forgive me – God has forgiven me and I forgave myself.  The course was well laid out.”

‘I have learned so much.  The course has helped me face a lot of my fears and prepared me for my release one day.  I have learned that true forgiveness sets you free and there is no sin too big for God to forgive.’

‘I have learned that I am in control of the rest of my life.  With God’s help I can move mountains.  Feeling guilty about my crime does not help me.  Restoration and forgiveness plays a major role in how I perceive myself and my future.  Anything is possible.  Although there are some fears, they have been changed to be perceived as challenges.  Thank you all so much for your time, patience and sacrifices.  God bless you all.’

‘I have found my inner self and the hurt that I have lived with for so long, has started to heal.’